Zoo:e is a laser cut deck of cards designed in Adobe Illustrator. I gifted it to a staff member named Zoe, who was leaving my program. Each number is represented by a different zoo animal. The name of this project, therefore, is the combination of Zoo and Zoe, the image of which I rasterized on the back of each of the cards.
For this project, I decided to push the boundaries of my design skills. With the help of some amazing reference work online, I adapted some icons and logos as well as crafted my own designs from scratch. The goal here was to design a deck of cards, with each number being represented by an animal commonly found in zoos. 
I began with some sketch work to test out a couple of different methods for the design, but I found that since I was laser cutting the deck, I would want some filled in shapes so that I could rasterize nicely. I constrained the designs so that they all fit into perfect circles, and labeled each animal in case the design was difficult to recognize. 
I also created the box from scratch, the kerf taking me two tries to get right. Finally, I stained each of the cards a Special Walnut stain from Minwax, and sanded them to achieve a more rustic look.
Overall, this was a really enjoyable project, allowing me to flesh out the process from sketching to finished designs in Adobe Illustrator. 
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